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      NLGI #00 white grease, meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 as a lubricant with incidental food contact

        General Purpose Semi-fluid Consistency White Synthetic Grease can be used in rolling element and plain bearings, cams, guides, ways, and other machine elements
      • Suitable for use in gearboxes except hypoid and worm gearboxes


      • Wide Service Temperature Range
      • Multi-Purpose Capabilities
      • Broad Compatibility
      • Fully Synthetic Base Oil
      • White Color
      • Formulated to provide higher load carrying capacity, greater wear resistance and longer service life compared to conventional petroleum-based lubricants
      • Provides good compatibility with most industrial and engineering substrates including many plastic and rubber materials
      • Low consistency formulation allows use in automatic dispensing systems
      • H1 approved by NSF


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